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Daytona Beach Hotel - The McCoy Rum Room Opens at the Hilton

Posted by: Hilton Daytona
14 Jul
Daytona Beach Hotel - The McCoy Rum Room Opens at the Hilton

One hundred years ago, Prohibition was in full effect - and Captain Bill McCoy was gaining a legendary status as a rum-running smuggler. He was a true pioneer, an "honest lawbreaker" who smuggled alcohol from the Bahamas to the Eastern Seaboard.

A teetotaler, McCoy was also the first to fill a boat full of rum in the Caribbean and deliver it to thirsty Floridians three miles off the coast – which was not illegal in those days because three miles off-shore was considered international waters. He never adulterated his rum, which soon became known as "The Real McCoy."

We've named the new bar at our Daytona Beach hotel in honor of this unique American character – and true to form, The McCoy Rum Room features only the purest rums available. You'll also find the biggest selection of rums in Volusia County in our brand-new lounge, an upscale oasis with a chic, vintage-meets-modern atmosphere. Exotic plants, sailboat effects, and rich tropical woods recreate the feel of the Caribbean and South Florida during the rum-running era.

Put the wind in your sails with signature rum cocktails and punches at The McCoy Rum Room, which also features an enticing menu of wines and craft beers on tap. Sample inspired bar bites packed with flavor and panache, including crab cake sliders, cheesesteak steamed buns, and grilled pineapple and jalapeño guacamole.

Thirsty for the real deal? Come and relax at The McCoy Rum Room – opening in early July.

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