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Hilton EventReady for Meetings

The COVID-19 times are uncertain times. While we may not be sure of a lot of things around us, one thing is for sure. The safety of our guests and event attendees are of utmost priority to us at Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort. We strive to work towards your safety and will continue to ensure a safe environment for you and your guests if you choose to conduct a meeting or event at our resort. Keeping this in mind, we have created the EventReady with CleanStay program for all our guests. We are committed to giving you a high standard of safety across your event journey through our EventReady with CleanStay program.

With EventReady with CleanStay, we aim to deliver events that are clean, flexible, safe, and socially responsible. With carefully curated solutions comprising of creative food and beverages, thoughtfully put together technology resources, and redesigned spaces in alignment with physical distancing standards, we aim to reimagine how people meet and gather in this "new world"

High standards of cleanliness and sanitation through your event journey

All our event spaces are sanitized and disinfected thirty minutes before the start of any event. The Hilton CleanStay EventReady Room Seal is then applied to the space to ensure no one enters the room.

Sanitizing stations across the property

You will find sanitizing stations at prominent entryways and high traffic areas both inside and outside the event spaces. Sanitizing stations have been installed in the meal and beverage service areas, public restrooms, and other areas where guests gather.

Vendor compliance to all safety standards

If you are planning an event, you must submit floor plans to the hotel in advance for approval, prior to your event. You will also be given a completed EventReady room checklist to ensure all safety standards and protocols are followed.

Transparent sales and customer partnerships

We understand the importance of having a shared objective during these tough times. You can check out our flexible pricing, custom space options, and contract terms.

Responsive to meet customer needs

We understand that your needs might evolve depending on what your situation might be. We provide small meeting solutions with simplified EXPRESS agreements.

Hilton EventReady Playbook

Our Hilton EventReady Playbook gives you expert guidance with useful resources for topics ranging from hybrid meetings, technology, wellness, creative networking, transport and logistics, to community service.

Physical Distancing Protocols

We have put together creative and customized event sets to maintain physical distancing. Thoughtfully curated food and beverage menus, with a high prominence to hygiene ensure a safe event experience.

Industry Leading Contactless Check-in and Check-out

We have ensured contactless check-in and check-outs using the Digital Key at more than 4,700 properties across the globe.

Community Service

We support and uplift the local community as much as possible with our community service experiences.

Environment Impact Solutions

Our safety solutions are created keeping in mind their impact on the environment, which is measured using LightStay, our award-winning corporate responsibility measurement platform.

Our hotel staff is currently being trained according to the Hilton EventReady with CleanStay program. This program will be rolled out globally across our properties in August. We look forward to planning your events and meetings for you in a safe and clean environment.

Let us help you plan for all of your upcoming meeting needs!

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